7 Chapter Event Ideas to Excite and Delight

By:Kendell Warner, North American Regional Director for UXPA International & UX Lead @ Cerner 

If you’re on the board of a local UXPA International chapter this is the season when chapters typically plan events for the next year. If you’re a new chapter lead, you may be scratching your head on where to start. There are many successful types of events that build community and add value that your chapter can plan pretty quickly. Here’s a few:

1. Design on Tap - Meet for a beer, camaraderie, etc. to talk about UX design principles, methods, dangers in the work environment, or whatever you want. Keep it low key and make sure your location has a great beer selection.


2. Coffee Networking - Some members of your UX community may not be able to meet after work for a beer, so invite those folks (and everyone else) out to have some coffee...you (or a sponsor) can throw in some doughnuts as well. Generally, this type of an event provides a nice opportunity to get to know other local practitioners and get inspired before you head into the office. If you happen to have a design professional who’s willing to get on stage and talk - go for it, if not, no worries. Much like Design on Tap, focus on the networking aspects for this type of event.